Guises of Dracula

18+ Only. Play Responsibly.

Gather round, mere mortals, gather round. For today you shall hear a different story. One that chills blood inthe veins and grasps the hearts with the cold claws of terror. The story about the most savage of creaturesand the most relentless hunters – the vampires. Led by the mighty Dracula, they took hold in the localcastle. The voyager bats have already started moving their numerous belongings there. And therein lies theopportunity, for these bats act as wild symbols as they fly upwards towards the castle. But should they landon Dracula on their way, and you will witness the legendary Shifting Guises feature, for the great vampirehimself will join them, filling all nearby positions with Wild symbols. Of course, after such an encounter a poorbat will drop anything that it was carrying in its clutches, which will be liable to be picked by you. This plunderincludes cash prizes, Free Spins, multipliers and of course one of the four Jackpots.And so you have been warned. Do you have what it takes to dare and trespass into vampire’s territory? Thenthis game is just for you. Take a bite of the gothic atmosphere with Platipus` new slot – Guises of Dr