Hi-Lo Switch

18+ Only. Play Responsibly.

Hi-Lo really does not get any simpler than the name suggests. In terms of game rules, it isessentially the coin-flip of card games. And yet the gameplay can be extremely addictive,especially the more wins you get.The player is dealt 3 cards and the goal is to predict, using any of the 3 cards, whether the nextcard from the deck is going to be higher or lower in value than the one selected. Clear and simple,right? Of course it is.The payout depends entirely on the probability of the next card being higher or lower, with the oddslocated directly on the playing field. Let’s not forget the name of the game involves Switch, whichrefers you have the chance to re-shuffle and get 3 new cards on which to wager the outcome.Just keep in mind: the higher the probability, the lower the payout. So it makes sense tooccasionally wager against the odds. Oh and don’t forget: the same value card will not end in a tie.So are you up for the challenge of stringing the best winning streak of guessing the odds?