Heads and Tails

18+ Only. Play Responsibly.

Are you a little on the tired side after having to wrap you headaround Paylines, Scatters, Wilds and Free Rounds? Then settle infor a game that does not stress you with any of that and brings yousheer fun as easy as 1,2… and that’s it, there really is no thirdoption.Heads and Tails is pretty self-explanatory: a simple coin flip basedon a game perhaps centuries old. The Heads side of the coin isrepresented by the minted Bitcoin sign, while the Tails sideresembles an ASIC chip on a printed circuit board. Both call backthe origins of Bgaming as pioneers in Bitcoin gaming.Bet amounts can be configured in the settings, therefore the screenis left uncluttered and free of buttons, save for the Heads betbutton on the left-hand side and the Tails bet button respectivelyon the right-hand side.It really does not get simpler that this. The chances are 50/50 here, and each win pays out 1.98Xmaking the house edge as little as 1%. So just toss the coin for big easy wins and tons of fun!